Electrifying News – Congrats Kate Borg!

Staff Recognition Campus updates Diversity

During the DBMAT 50th Anniversary event on September 16th, multiple awards were presented. Valenta Avila won the Christian Knapp Great Motivator Award. TSBVI Family Lynx leader Amy Potts and her husband Mark received the Olivia Cruz Award for Family Leaders. TSBVI Outreach Director, Kate Borg, received the Everett Bryan Award for Professionals. Congrats to them all!

Kate also happens to be on a roll and was notified last week that she’ll be the recipient of the Council of Schools and Services for the Blind Director of Programs Leadership Award! She is now in the midst of her 5th year leading our Outreach Department and her state and national recognition is well deserved. Be sure to congratulate Kate on her significant accomplishments.

Yom Kippur began last night at sundown. Yom Kippur means “Day of Atonement” and is a day of reflection and repentance for those of Jewish faith. I personally do not have much experience with Judaism and would welcome any additional information shared with me today or any time. To those observing Yom Kippur, we wish you an easy fast.

Have a great week!
Emily Coleman, Superintendent