Electrifying News – Braille Challenge Results

This week we celebrate Helen Keller’s birthday on Tuesday, June 27th. I’m an admirer of her advocacy work and her view on life. As we just celebrated the Braille Challenge Finals, this quote seems appropriate to share: “Every book put into the hands of the sightless is as a rainbow crystal that reveals the wonders of earth and the spiritual resources within our reach,” January 11, 1930.

Speaking of Braille Finals, our three Texas competitors did great and you can view a recording of the show online. Levi C., competing in the Freshman Division, shared his excitement with me upon his arrival in LA. Leo D. won First Place in the Sophomore Division and also earned the Harley Fetterman Award for Excellence in Charts and Graphs. EmmaGrace O. won Second Place in the Junior Varsity Division and shared she’s a regular reader of the Electrifying News online. Hi, Emma!!!

Next week, the National Federation of the Blind Convention will be held in Houston, TX. During that same time, the American Council of the Blind Convention will be held in Schaumburg, IL. I look forward to learning what both organizations accomplish during their important time together.

This will be the last Electrifying News until July 31st. Don’t forget to join me at the “Welcome Back” celebration at 8:00 am on August 7th in the cafeteria. Be on the lookout for department specific training agendas from your leadership. Even though we have two weeks of summer programs left, and perhaps some vacation time, I’m already looking forward to seeing the whole crew again in August.

In the meantime, let’s take one more bit of advice from Helen Keller. In May 1935 she shared, “I take happiness very seriously. It is a creed, a philosophy and an objective.” Wishing summer happiness to you all, including you, Emma!

Have a great week (and month)!
Emily Coleman, Superintendent