Electrifying News – Annual Report Published

Family Lynx Campus updates

Our Annual Report is a legal requirement per the Texas Education Code and the 2022-2023 report is now available online for your review and further distribution. Highlighting our programs and performance, this document seeks to capture the essence of our work and the accomplishments of our students. Thanks to Alex Arguello for his creative design work and extensive collaborative efforts wrangling up, creating, and supporting content.

TSBVI is expanding our social media presence. We’ve now linked our Facebook account to Instagram so we’re able to be followed on another platform. If you’re on Instagram, please look us up and follow @TSBVI. We’re also active on LinkedIn, so please follow us there and be sure to help recruitment by reposting job opportunities on our campus.

Don’t forget Family Lynx will be hosting their annual holiday hangout in Zoom tomorrow, December 12th, at 7:00 pm. We’re looking forward to a plethora of holiday events next week.

Have a great week!
Emily Coleman, Superintendent