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Six students dressed in costumes for Disney's The Lion King Jr. stand on an auditorium stage during a school production of the play.

You know it’s late in the spring semester at TSBVI when, among final assignments, sports competitions, the many end-of-year events, and graduation, select TSBVI students and staff are also working day and night to prepare for the school play! Willy Wonka Jr., The Wizard of Oz, Shrek the Musical Jr., Paths of Destiny, Disney’s Lion King Jr. – these are just some of the productions the TSBVI Fine Arts Theater Department has performed through the years. This Media Minute puts the spotlight on TSBVI theater.

Students in Grades 9-12 enrolled in Comprehensive Programs at TSBVI can take theater courses to complete the graduation requirement of a Fine Arts credit. We offer Theater Arts where students explore basic acting techniques, technical theatre and interpretation of dramatic literature, stage movement, mime, voice and diction, improvisation, and develop audience appreciation skills. We also offer Technical Theater courses in which students learn stagecraft, design, theatre safety, scenery, properties, lighting, sound, costumes, makeup, public relations, career opportunities, and evaluate live performances. Read more about our theater offerings on the TSBVI website.


Outside of formal theater classes, students of all ages in Comprehensive Programs have opportunities to perform in annual holiday shows and during residential hours. Short Term Programs has offered Actor’s Workshops during Summer Programs and Performing Arts classes during the school year. Elementary Summer Enrichment students have created their own robot costumes to use in an original play they performed for peers, staff, and families. The Outreach Department has a recorded webinar on Theater Arts.

In the spring of 2020, students were preparing to perform “Snow Angel” but when they could not return to campus due to the COVID-19 lockdown, they pivoted the production to a remote setting with students recording their lines from home. It debuted as a radio-style show set to images. The following year, 2021, students wrote and performed their own play, “Paths of Destiny,” with original music, also crafted as a radio-style show set to images on screen. Those student who were on campus recorded their roles with staff while other students recorded from home. Listen to the original songs from “Paths to Destiny” at these links – “Destination, Access Nation,” “The World,” and “When It All Begins.” The songs are open-captioned with picture in picture recorded ASL by Communication by Hand. “Paths of Destiny” was shown in the auditorium and the cast and crew celebrated with a party catered by Residential staff and students in the Bistro Farm-to-Table class.

TSBVI has a partnership with Creative Action, a local organization that “uses the arts as a medium to inspire creativity, unlock potential, and transform the lives of students of all ages.” For years, the Creative Action “Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble” has performed productions at TSBVI written by youth artists. High School students can apply to be paid artists to work on a production in the ensemble and recently two TSBVI students have successfully secured these positions! Creative Action also offers programs for elementary-aged students and their Brave Schools program “Welcome Armadillo, Somos Comunidad” came to campus this year to teach students social emotional skills through songs, movement, and interaction with puppet characters.

Musicals, dramas, fairy tales, original productions – the TSBVI Theater Department has immense talent and creativity. Thanks to the fine arts instructors through the years, Robert Pierson and Tony Salinas, and to instructional and residential staff, the media team, and volunteers, who support the theater arts at TSBVI!