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The Governing Board of TSBVI shall publish an annual report describing the educational performance of the School.  The report shall include the School's performance objectives, progress toward these objectives, and the School's performance rating assigned by the Texas Education Agency. Supplemental information to be included in the report shall be determined by the School's Governing Board.

The Governing Board of the School will disseminate the annual performance report to parents of enrolled students, districts that have placed students at the School, and regional education service centers.  Additionally, the Governing Board will notify parents of enrolled students, districts that have placed students at the School, and regional education service centers of an opportunity for public discussion of the annual performance report at a regularly scheduled board meeting.  The School's planning and decision-making committee will hold at least one public meeting for the purpose of discussing the School's performance report.

By December 1, the School shall disseminate the annual performance report.

Report Uses

The information reported shall be a primary consideration in schoolwide planning.  It shall also be a primary consideration of the Board in the evaluation of the Superintendent, and of the Superintendent in the evaluation of the TSBVI principals.  Education Code 39.307


By September 1 the commissioner shall assign the School a rating of “acceptable” or “needing on-site review.”

Education Code 30.005; 19 TAC 97.1012


TSBVI receives Title 1 funding and therefore shall disseminate an annual federal report card that includes information on TSBVI as a whole.


The federal report card shall be concise, presented in an understandable and uniform format, and to the extent practicable, in a language that parents can understand; and accessible to the public, which shall include placing the report card on the TSBVI website. 

Minimum Requirements

The federal report card shall include the information required in the annual state report card described in 20 U.S.C. 6311(h)(1)(C), as applied to TSBVI including, if available:

  1. Information that shows how students served by TSBVI achieved on state academic assessments compared to students in the state as a whole;
  2. Any other information that TSBVI determines is appropriate and will best provide parents, students, and other members of the public with information regarding the progress of TSBVI, whether or not such information is included in the annual state report card.

20 U.S.C. 6311(h)(2)

Adopted:         5/20/99

Amended:       1/25/19

Reviewed:        3/21/03, 11/19/04, 1/25/08