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by Holly Cooper

Linda Burkhart
She literally wrote the book on switch activated battery operated toys.
Her handouts are on line at

A set of materials about using technology with kids with disabilities
By Madalaine Pugliese

Our Website at Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

AAC Augmentative/Alternative Communication Intervention
Julie Maro, Caroline Musselwhite

AAC Activity Ideas

Creating Literature Based Communication Boards
by Lori Tufte

Families & Advocates Partnership for Education
The publications page of this site has some good resources, two nice ones on technology:

  • Assistive Technology for Infants and Toddlers
  • 1997 Individuals With Disabilities Education Act Amendments Increase Access to Technology for Students

Here's the source for the Talking Book tutorial, plus others:
Assistive Technology Training Online:

Here is some free software that is designed for kids that are switch users or are not yet academic learners

Inclusive TLC
available switch accessible games include
Talking Faces - free, switch accessible software (included on the disk we made you) and Inclusive CD Player - switch accessible on-screen CD player

Northern Grids for Learning
SENSwitcher - free switch accessible software, including documents for how to install, how to assess switch skills using data collection sheets included in the files, description of the levels of learning built into the different games, etc.
The above is free, but is sent to you in zipped files and consists of several parts, so you may want to have someone handy to help you access it and set it up for the first time.