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Distance Learning - JAWS From Start to Google Drive  

Course Description:yohannes milka computer

This course is designed to be taken by students and their TVIs. This course will teach you essential JAWS skills in order to increase your independence in your classroom.

In 4 lessons you will: 

  • Learn to control your computer focus and navigate dialog boxes
  • Learn basic Internet Navigation
  • Learn to check and send email using Gmail
  • Learn to navigate Google Drive and Docs



  • Students will benefit most when they have JAWS already installed on district computers and have daily access to these computers so they can practice.
  • Students should have at least basic keyboarding skills before beginning to use a screen reader due to the need to press key commands. If your student does not have the ability to keyboard or locate modifier keys like Caps Lock, Control, Shift, and Alt. It is recommended to spend two weeks practicing keyboarding for at least fifteen minutes each day to build these skills.

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