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Distance Learning - JAWS From Start to Google Drive  

Course Description:yohannes milka computer

This course is designed to be taken by students and their TVIs. This course will teach you essential JAWS skills in order to increase your independence in your classroom.

In 4 lessons you will: 

  • Learn to control your computer focus and navigate dialog boxes
  • Learn basic Internet Navigation
  • Learn to check and send email using Gmail
  • Learn to navigate Google Drive and Docs



  • Students will benefit most when they have JAWS already installed on district computers and have daily access to these computers so they can practice.
  • Students should have at least basic keyboarding skills before beginning to use a screen reader due to the need to press key commands. If your student does not have the ability to keyboard or locate modifier keys like Caps Lock, Control, Shift, and Alt. It is recommended to spend two weeks practicing keyboarding for at least fifteen minutes each day to build these skills.

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Distance Learning - Abacus Part 1, Introduction to the Abacus & Counting

Course Description:

Abacus Part 1, Introduction to the Abacus & Counting will teach the student the basics of the Cranmer abacus and counting. It is essential that students take this course alongside their TVI, as the TVI must be prepared to monitor learning, supervise practice sessions, and assist in implementing the use of the abacus in the regular classroom.

For Students Who:
*Have visual impairments
*Are taking elementary math classes in which the four operations are taught, for whole numbers, values with decimals, and fractions

*Are unable to work easily and efficiently with "pencil-and-paper" computations
*Have a TVI (or other adult) available who can assist with technological aspects of taking an online course, and who can monitor progress and provide practice on a frequent basis.

Learning Objective:

 Students will master knowledge of the parts of the abacus, the rules for addition (also known as exchanges), and counting whole numbers to 999.

Important Note:
We cannot overstate the need for supervised practice between viewing sessions, in order for students to master the skills presented in the videos. In addition, elementary students will need support to transfer their skills to the regular classroom.



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Troubles to Triumphs


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September 15-17

Grades 6-8     

Is your student nervous about changing classes? Worried about making friends? Shy about using her magnifier in front of peers? Troubles to Triumphs is a weekend course designed to help students transform middle school worries into triumphs in a supportive environment.

Students will:

  • Learn about peers’ experiences starting the school year in their communities by conducting interviews with them
  • Identify ECC areas such as self-determination, assistive technology, and independent living skills that they would most like to focus on throughout the upcoming school year
  • Build “super strengths” in identified ECC areas to support learning and growth through participation in targeted activities



iOS VoiceOver Ad Image1

Course Description:

Welcome to our iOS and VoiceOver Course. This distance learning course is recommended for students who are beginning users of VoiceOver on an iOS device (iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone). This course will review iOS concepts, introduce students to the primary gestures, keyboard commands, and braille display commands for accessing the iOS device, and provide opportunities to practice using the Settings, Safari, and Notes apps.


Learning Objectives:

Increase knowledge of basic iOS Device concepts and vocabulary (e.g., physical controls, apps, gestures, orientation). Increase ability to navigate an iOS Device using VoiceOver (e.g., navigating iOS Device, launching and using apps). Increase knowledge of iOS Device capabilities and usability (e.g., accessing VoiceOver settings, using the Rotor, pairing Bluetooth devices)


self paced | approximately 2 hours

Course Topics:

Basic iOS Device and VoiceOver concepts and vocabulary VoiceOver navigation 1 (navigating app icons, launching apps, today view, status bar, Dock) VoiceOver navigation 2 (app center, control center, notifications) VoiceOver navigation 3 (navigating Settings, using the Rotor, pairing Bluetooth devices) navigating Safari, taking notes)

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DL iOS AccessibilityCourse Description:

This online course will provide an introduction to iOS Accessibility features for students who are blind or have visual impairments. Students will learn the basics of VoiceOver, Zoom, Magnifier, Display Accommodations and Speech.

Learning Objective:

Learn about the different ‘Vision’ accessibility features available on iOS devices.

Length: self paced | approximately 30 minutes

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