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  • TABLEs that are used for data should include SUMMARY, CAPTION, HEADERS, and structural tags (TH).


Goodwill Industries of Central Texas - Jobs

Unit 4 - Lesson 3 Working with Tables

Syntax for adding SUMMARY,  CAPTION and TH to tables

Cups of coffee consumed by each webmaster



L. Smith 10
J. Allan 5
B. Jones 2.5

<table border="1" summary="This table charts the number of cups of coffee consumed by each webmaster.">
<caption >Cups of coffee consumed by each webmaster</caption>
<td>L. Smith</td>

 Try it:

 Add CAPTION, SUMMARY, and TH to the following table.

Shoe size and Favorite color of webmasters

Name Shoe size Favorite color
L. Smith 10 Camouflage
A. Allan 12.5 Pastel Navy Blue
B. Jones 6 Plaid