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  1. VI professionals and supervisors universally report this activity has a positive effect on funding and professional development requests.
  2. Your supervisor will learn more about the scope and range of the challenges your students face.
  3. Your supervisor will get a chance to experience being an itinerant professional.
  4. Show your supervisor how specialized VI resources benefit students.
  5. Everyone who completes a ½ page survey* and gets their supervisor’s signature will receive an iTunes/Google Play gift card (sponsored by All Blind Children of Texas) AND *Participants will be entered into a drawing for free registration for a TSBVI sponsored conference! 

*By completing and returning this survey you will receive an iTunes or Google Play card and will be entered into a drawing for free registration for a TSBVI sponsored conference.  All items must be completed and returned via ground mail, fax or electronic scan.  Your administrator’s signature must be either original or a digital image of the signature.  Return surveys by December 16, 2016 to Mary Shore, 1100 W. 45th, Austin, TX, 78756, Fax 512-206-9320 or email .

Invite your boss to drive a mile in your shoes!


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This is an informal introduction to your students and those students that you will be working with while you are Bringing Your Boss to Work. 

The advantage of completing this document is that it will provide your boss with context and will make your experience all the stronger for it.  It will help make the experience more “kid-focused”.

We encourage you to add a photograph of your student in the picture frame.  Photos provide a great introduction.  They help personalize the information below and make it more real.  A photo will add impact to your experience.

You are welcome to modify this document to make it more helpful and relevant. 

Meet My Students!

This is my student (add student name):

home frame photo

Insert photo in this frame.


Let me tell you about _________________________: Provide a general, informal description of the student.  What makes him or her sparkle, what does she or he like, what challenges him or her?  Make it personable, not just reciting facts.

For example:

Juan is 10 years old and has low vision related to his albinism.  He loves baseball.  He is on the beep ball team here in town.  He can recite scores and stats for his favorite team, the Texas Rangers, all day.  He is sometimes socially isolated and we are working on ways to get him more confident and be more included socially.

His/her vision is:  Provide not only the name of the visual condition, but also a 2 – 3 sentence description of what this means.

For example:

Juan has albinism.  Because of this he is sensitive to light and glare from the windows.  He often wears a cap and sunglasses.  Juan needs magnification to read regular print and see people and objects in the distance, including the board in his classroom.

We are working on: Describe what you are working on today and how it fits into the larger picture. 

For example:

Juan is learning to use a monocular to see the board and objects in the distance.  Today we will be working on spotting and tracking objects. These activities are part of his goal to <insert goal>. In the spring we plan to go to a high school ball game so he can use his monocular to follow the game.


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November 7-11, 2016 is the sixth annual statewide Bring Your Boss to Work Week.  I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to give you a hands-on glimpse of my world as an itinerant VI professional. 

Being itinerant allows me to work with students in a wide variety of teams across the district and in home, school and community settings.  Students with visual impairments are such a small population; you may have questions about the scope of my job, the type of instructional support I provide, and the impact of the VI program on student achievement. 

I would like to invite you to come along with me and observe these students in action.  Please consider a “ride-along” for as little as 2 hours, for half a day or whatever works with your schedule.

I look forward to sharing the successes of students with visual impairments supported by the VI program. 


Bring Your Boss to Work Week is a statewide initiative co-sponsored by the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired and the Texas Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired. 


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