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Our LIVE stream has ended, but you can watch a recording at the links below.

There are hours of video, so feel free to click through to the games you want to see.

Contact  for technical issues.

2019 USABA Goalball Youth National Championships

Friday, November 15, 2019 starting at 9AM (Central Time)

Saturday, November 16, 2019 starting at 9AM (Central Time)

Friday Morning – 8 Minute Halves
Big Gym – [Live stream]

9:00 Pool B - Florida Cobras vs Arizona
9:45 Pool A - Florida Cobras vs Texas Wildcats
10:30 Pool C - Texas Wildcats vs Mississippi
11:15 Pool A - GAB vs Washington Lionesses
12:00 Pool A - Texas Wildcats vs Utah Rage
12:45 Pool B - Washington Lions vs Arizona

1:30 Pool B - Arizona vs Virginia Chiefs
2:15 Pool A - Florida Cobras vs Mississippi
3:00 Pool A - Central Tx Avengers vs Utah Rage
3:45 Pool A - GAB vs Texas Wildcats
4:30 Pool A - Florida Cobras vs Utah Rage
5:15 Pool A - Washington Lionesses vs Texas Wildcats

5:30 (QF#1) Pool B1 vs Pool C4
6:15 (QF#2) Pool C1 vs Pool B4
7:00 (QF#3) Pool B2 vs Pool C3
7:45 (QF#4) Pool C2 vs Pool B3

Saturday Morning - 10 Minute Halves
Semi-Finals in Big Gym – [Live stream]

9:00 Womens’ Pool #1 vs Pool #4
9:45 Womens’ Pool #2 vs Pool #3
10:30 Mens’ QF#1 Winner vs QF#4 Winner
11:15 Mens’ QF#2 Winner vs QF#3 Winner

1:00 Womens’ Bronze Medal Game
2:00 Mens’ Bronze Medal Game
3:00 Womens’ Gold Medal Game
4:00 Mens’ Gold Medal Game


Eight men’s teams and seven women’s teams competed at the USABA Goalball Youth National Championships. The four teams to reach the semi-finals on the men’s side were Virginia, Utah, Texas, and Florida. On the women’s side advancing to the semi-finals were Florida, Georgia, Washington, and Texas.



First-place Florida Cobras

Second-place Texas Wildcats

Third-place Georgia Panthers

Fourth-place Washington Lions


First-place Florida Cobras

Second-place Virginia Chiefs

Third-place Texas Wildcats

Fourth-place Utah Havoc

2019 USABA High School All-American team


Zion Walker -Virginia Chiefs

Abraham Cardenas - Texas Wildcats

Tre’Shaun Faison - Florida Cobras

Luke Boccuzzo - Florida Cobras

Kolton Kimbell - Florida Cobras

Jacob Peterson - Utah Havoc



Aaliyah Ferguson - Florida Cobras

Veronica Hyatt - Florida Cobras

Maycie Gonzalez - Texas Wildcats

Tyzia Brooks - Georgia Panthers

Sioryann Fitim - Washington Lions

Lashayla Stanford - Georgia Panthers


Congratulations to the newest crop of All-Americans!

Photo of All-American Team at center court.