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TSBVI is following the Ebola-related guidelines for schools issued by the Texas Department of Health, the Texas Education Agency and the Center for Disease Control. There has been no known risk of exposure to any TSBVI student, their families or to TSBVI staff. While it is highly unlikely that any such exposure will occur, it is appropriate that the school, students and families exercise caution. Parents are receiving a letter describing symptoms of potentially infectious disease along with instructions for when to keep their children at home.

Any parent, adult student or staff who believes they may have had exposure should immediately seek medical advice, and then inform the TSBVI Health Center. All school-related questions or concerns about this topic should be referred to the TSBVI Health Center at 512-206-9136/512-206-9138.

Here is a link to the Region XIII Education Service Center website that provides basic information about Ebola