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  1. Direct contact with student and family--can occur in home, day-care, etc.
  2. Provide hands-on instruction and demonstration
  3. Provide materials, adaptations
  4. Provide information about the child's eye condition, vision, ophthalmological report, implications, strategies, etc. to the family
  5. Provide initial and ongoing assessment
  6. Manage behaviors impacted by vision loss
  7. Instruction in compensatory skills:
    • Bonding with family
    • Communication: Receptive & Expressive
    • Motor: Gross, Fine, O&M/Early Movement
    • Sensory: Vision, Auditory, Tactual, Vestibular, Sensory Integration
    • Self-Help: Eating & Drinking, Dressing & Undressing, Toileting, Personal Hygiene, Sleeping Patterns
    • Cognition: Object Exploration and Manipulation, Experience-Based Early Concept Development, Problem-Solving
    • Family Needs
    • Pre-Braille/Tactile Symbols
    • Social-Emotional
    • Large Print/Pictures/Books
    • Optical Devices
    • Adaptive Devices
  9. Conduct on-going student observations in a variety of settings


  1. Consult with other professionals
  2. Provide training to other professionals on implications and strategies
  3. Conduct on-going student observation in a variety of settings
  4. Participate in initial and on-going assessments
  5. Provide recommendations for appropriate VI educational strategies and modifications
  6. Provide and transport materials and equipment
  7. Demonstrate teaching strategies
  8. Provide parent training and support (meetings, workshops, socials, etc.)
  9. Consult with O & M Instructor
  10. Team with educational and related service staff, and parents for planning and instruction
  11. Coordinate with related agencies and community resources
  12. Receive training as needed from other professionals for working effectively with baby and family (OT, PT, AI Teacher, Social Worker, Speech Path., etc.)

Developed by the TSBVI Outreach Department.

This document is a Resource for the Expanded Core Curriculum. Please visit the RECC.