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Spring 2019

  1. The student and parents or guardian will arrive on campus on a Sunday for registration. This gives the family an opportunity to meet the staff who will be working with their child and help their child get settled into their dormitory. School starts the following Monday morning.
  2. At registration the family's first stop is with the Admissions Coordinator to collect admissions forms (which are mailed to each family in advance), student spending money, etc.
  3. The family next meets the school and dormitory staff who gather information about the student and provide the family with class schedules, helpful telephone numbers and other information, such as Weekends Home information.
  4. After meeting with instructional and residential staff, the student checks in at the Health Center to meet our nursing staff and discuss medical services and the student's individual health and medication needs.
  5. Last stop is the dormitory, where the student unpacks and settles into his/her new room.

The Texas School

The Texas School is mine to make each moment shine.

Sparkling, glistening merrily; it will take all care from me.

It fills each heart with joy, of every girl and boy

Till a state of ecstasy brings it close to me.

Memories of the days and years, till I wonder why

I still feel the joys and tears.  Can I say goodbye?

The Texas School is mine to make each moment shine.

I will make it part of me, till eternity.