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Spring/ Summer 2008 Table of Contents
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By Kathy Geiger, TVI and VI Specialist, Region 5 Educational Service Center

Abstract: This article provides information about the National Braille Association.

Key Words: blindness, visual impairment, braille, National Braille Association, NLS certification

National Braille Association (NBA) is the national organization for Braillists in North America. It was originally composed of volunteers who provided Braille material for blind people. The changes in NBA have been varied and not only benefit those who have NLS certification, but all teachers of the visually impaired. Over the years, NBA has realized that Transcriber and Educator Services have become a big issue. Therefore, there is an additional committee for this group. I enjoy attending the meetings not only to learn all the new rules, but to also learn better ways of presenting materials for my students. Even if you were not able to attend the NBA conference in Dallas in April, be sure to check out the NBA website at . One especially helpful feature is the Ask an Expert section, which is divided into topics and moderated by experts in tactile graphics, mathematics notation, computer assisted transcription, foreign language, and many more. This is a great way to get very specific and current information.