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Making a Difference: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Working with Deafblind (DB) Students

Are you an occupational or physical therapist working in the Texas public school system? Do you need more information about how to best contribute to the education of deafblind students?

If so, you’re not alone.

Whether you’re receiving your first referral for OT or PT evaluation and services for a deafblind student or your 50th, it’s a fairly safe bet that you are not as prepared as you would like to be. This website is designed to give entry level and experienced therapists theoretical and practical assistance that will better equip them to be productive members of the educational teams for children with deafblindness. Because so little information about visual impairment, and specifically deafblindness, has found its way into pre-service curricula at the universities that offer OT and PT programs, many of us find ourselves wondering how best to translate what we know as clinicians into appropriate educational strategies for the DB student. OT and PT have much to offer the DB student when they work from a base of knowledge about the ways in which deafblindness impacts learning and social relationships.

This website will familiarize you with:

Last revision: 3/28/2007