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A blind consumer asks: Can you tell me what is the best money identifier? A family member wants to purchase a unit for me.

Susan replies:

MAY 2007 - AFB Product Evaluation - Show Me the Money: An Evaluation of the Note Teller 2 Money Identifier

I have used two Talking Note Tellers made by Brytech Inc. when teaching students to use a talking cash register as part of an applied money skills class. I believe our career education department purchased the ones we have from LS&S Group. However, I noticed that they are also listed in other catalogs. The price was $389.50. This model announces U.S. currency from $1 to $100 in English or Spanish. It takes one 9V battery. They were extremely useful to my students as well as easy to use, and the fact that the tellers are bi-lingual (English and Spanish) made them especially nice here in Texas. Although the accompanying notes to the tellers say that they are reasonably durable, they list several precautions about keeping them clean, etc. They were out of my possession for a few months, and upon their return, one was no longer functioning properly. Unfortunately, I do not know whether it was abused or not.

I've also seen a picture of The Superscan Talking Money Identifier in the Independent Living Aids, Inc. catalog. It was quite a bit more expensive at $695. In addition to verbally identifying the denomination of all bills from $1 to $100, it also displays the amount digitally. Furthermore, it will announce the sum of all bills put through the machine to a total of $9,999.

An Enhanced Note Teller for deaf/blind also exists, and it is described in Carolyn's Catalog. It gives a vibrating signal for each denomination from $1 to $100 instead of voice announcement and is priced at $525.95.

I have listed the contact information for several vendors below:

Ann Morris Enterprises, Inc.
890 Fams Court
East Meadow, NY 11554-5101
Phone: 800-454-3175, FAX: 516-292-2522

Carolyn's Catalog
P.O. Box 14577
Bradenton, FL 34280-4577
Phone: 800-648-2266, Fax: 941-739-5503
Note Teller Talking Money Identifier $389.95
Enhanced Note Teller for deaf/blind $525.95

Independent Living Aids, Inc.
27 East Mall
Plainview, NY 11803
Phone: 800-537-2118, FAX: 516-752-3135
Note Teller Talking Money Identifier $395
The Superscan Talking Monedy Identifier $695

LS&S Group, Inc.
P.O. Box 673
Northbrook, IL 60065
Phone: 800-468-4789, FAX: 847-498-1482
Note Teller Talking Money Identifier $389.50