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Texas Deafblind Project Family Survey
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  Survey for Families of Children with Deafblindness  
The Texas Deafblind Project offers free support, information, and training statewide with a focus on issues for children with combined vision and hearing loss. Our project is here to support you as you progress on this journey starting with the birth of your child through their transition to life as an adult in the community.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this short survey. Our hope is that your answers will help us better serve your family.

Would you like to receive information about training and support opportunities or be contacted by staff from the Texas Deafblind Project? Required!
If you would like to receive information or be contacted please include the following information.
This information will only be used by project staff and will not be shared with anyone else.


Your email address will not be shared with other agencies, but you will be added to our email list to receive announcements and special resources. You may have your name removed from this email list at anytime by contacting outreach@tsbvi.edu.
Are you signed up for all the Texas Medicaid Waivers including the Texas Deaf-Blind with Multiple Disabilities Medicaid Waiver? Required!
The Texas Deafblind Outreach Project offers a variety of services. Please check any that you have used. Required!
Do you feel supported and confident in your role as a parent of a child with combined vision and hearing loss? Required!
In accordance with Texas Administrative Code 19 TAC 89.1050, do both the teacher of students with visual impairments and the teacher of students who are deaf or hard of hearing attend your child's Individual Family Plan meetings? Required!
Is your child receiving services from any of the following educators with expertise in vision or hearing impairments? Please check all that apply. Required!
How confident are you that your child's early intervention program or educational program is designed to meet his/her needs? Required!
How confident are you that you understand the educational process and what it takes to be a partner on the team? Required!
What supports are you receiving for your child's learning and development? Required!
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