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All off-campus trips must be pre-approved by your program coordinator. The Health Center Notification Form (which is described in the Health Center Notification Procedure) must also be approved. Special procedures and approvals are needed for water activities.

Changing Your Plans

Since most vehicles are already assigned, call your program coordinator before adding trips to those approved by Prep Day. Do not contact transportation directly.

Do not contact Food Services (the cafeteria) if you need to change your plans regarding food needs. Again, please do this through your Program Coordinator because this may well affect your budget.

Safety Off-Campus

Be sure you have adequate staff/student ratios for off-campus trips. Talk to your program coordinator if you do not have sufficient support for your trip. It's generally unwise to go off campus with only one adult unless you feel that you can manage all your students in an emergency without assistance.

Please follow these vehicle guidelines for maximum student and staff safety:

  • When planning an off-campus trip, select the closest possible site that will achieve your purpose.
  • Avoid travel on Highway I-35, trying to find an alternate route if possible.

If you are acting as a med sponsor for an off-campus trip, go through the list of every student's meds with the nurse to make sure you have the correct medications and know how to give them.

Protect students from overexposure to the sun by:

  • Avoiding prolonged time in the sun
  • Applying sunscreen (given to each teacher at the start of school)
  • Having students drink plenty of water

Carry a cell phone with you at all times, and make sure that it is always charged and on. Leave the number with the office manager. If you do not have a cell phone, you can check one out from the office. Be sure to check it back in, because you will be charged $50 by the business office if a phone checked out to you fails to be returned.

Trips Further Than 20 Miles, Overnight, or Requiring Unusual Physical Activity

Trips further than 20 miles from campus must be preapproved by the principal, the superintendent and the student's parent. You must tell your coordinator before your program begins, so that s/he can get parental permission

This Parent Permission Form for Special Activity is needed for:

  • Trips that involve traveling more than 20 miles from Austin
  • Trips in which the students spend the night away from campus
  • Activities that involve unusual physical activity, which includes any activity where the student must have a special level of strength, agility, coordination, or other physical ability to participate meaningfully