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For specific and comprehensive information on suicide prevention, please read this entire procedure at: P.1.9 Suicide Prevention Procedure. As a refresher, you may also read the Suicide Prevention Quick Reference Guide.

Refer a student for a suicide evaluation any time a student makes a direct statement or gesture that implies intent to harm him- or herself, or if the student makes a statement of hopelessness, such as "life is not worth living." If in doubt about the seriousness of the behavior, follow this procedure anyway.

  • Escort the student to the Health Center for an evaluation, as quickly and calmly as possible. It is preferable that the escort knows the student well. Do not leave the student alone until the nurse assumes responsibility for the student.
  • Notify the summer school principal or residential director as soon as practicable.
  • The staff member who observed the student behavior should complete a Student Incident Report as soon as the student has been safely managed. Make sure that the nurse, mental health professional and administrators have a copy of the OSIR report.
  • Once at the Health Center, the Nurse on duty, along with the social worker or counselor on duty, should assume responsibility for appropriate implementation of the Suicide Prevention protocol.
  • Follow all recommendations made after the evaluation is complete.