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Behavior and Reporting

Incident Reports: Notify your supervisor early of any persistent behavior problems in order to discuss strategies for dealing with maladaptive behaviors. Summer programs are short, so problems must be addressed immediately.

An Online Student Incident Report (OSIR) should be written before the end of the shift on which any incident occurs. Write an OSIR report for any situation involving a student(s) which might be of concern to the parent or administrator, or that other staff working with that student may need to know.

For emergency or extremely serious situations, both the superintendent and the program principal should be called (during the day), as soon as possible. At night, the residential director should be contacted, and a decision should be made whether to call the principal and/or superintendent at home or wait until morning. For all hospitalizations, both the superintendent and program principal should be called right away, night or day.

For additional information go to: Student Incident Response, Reporting, and Prevention document.

Code of Conduct

During the first meeting with your students, both residential and school day staff should review the Code of Conduct with students, using language that the students will understand.

  1. Secondary Code of Conduct
  2. Elementary Code of Conduct