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When somebody arrives on campus to take the student home (either before the end of the program or on the last day), they must sign out at the front desk (during day programs) or at the dorm (during residential programs). Staff should always check the ID of the person, and verify that that person is the guardian or has permission to take the student (permissions and sign-out sheets are on the dorms and at the front desk). If in doubt, check with your program administrator.

Remind the adult to go to the health center if there are medications they need to pick up.

If an enrolled student permanently withdraws from school prior to the end of the program, please use your computer to fill out a Student Withdrawal - Dismissal Form, indicating the reason for the withdrawal and your judgment of the student's participation in future programming. You can fill the form out on the Intranet. To do so, click on the form, select "Save As" from the file menu, label the file with the student's name and save it to your desktop (or My Documents), then send it to the principal as an e-mail attachment.