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Acceptable use of technology and all electronic devices is governed by policy T.4.2 Acceptable Use of TSBVI's Technical Resources and Personal Electronic Communication Devices Revised 6-16-2013

This school wide policy governs a broad range of issues related to the acceptable use of technology on campus. Staff responsible for supervising a student shall at all times provide a reasonable level of supervision to ensure the safety and security of students when using electronic devices, electronic mail, social media or chat rooms, and other forms of direct electronic communication.

During the summer, students are permitted to use TSBVI's technology resources, as well as their own personal computer devices, mobile phones, and other electronic devices. Students and their parents have signed that they reviewed and accepted TSBVI's Acceptable Use of Technology policy. A summary of the Acceptable Use procedures is provided here for staff to review with students on the first day of participation in both school day and residential programs.