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Alert message

  • In order to reduce printing costs, we are requesting that no more than 4-6 pictures on a page, 1 or 2 pages, be sent home with each student. Please make the pictures no larger than 4x6”.
  • Try to avoid printing more pictures than you will really need by looking at them first on the computer screen.
  • Personal printing for non-educational purposes is not allowed under any circumstances without prior permission.
  • Use black and white printing for any lessons, stories, etc. that you’d like to send home, but again please try to avoid printing detailed, complex photographs. If there is an educational need to use more than a minimal amount of color for these lessons, please discuss this with the program administrator before printing.
  • If you need assistance with how to print pictures taken with a digital camera, you can ask your program coordinator or another staff person who knows how to do this.