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All staff must check out in the Short-Term Programs office after 9:00 am on their designated close down day. A Checkout Form containing all check-out items will be reviewed by the Short-Term Programs administrative staff, and all items must be successfully completed and checked before the staff person can be dismissed. Please do not just leave materials if the administrative staff is not there. Staff working in both the secondary and elementary programs must check out at the end of each program. But, if you are working two classes in the same program (e.g., SE 1-week followed by SE 2-week), you can check out on your last work day in that program.

Staff are also asked to submit a Summer Staff Feedback Form providing suggestions for future summer programs. We welcome and seriously consider all information provided to us.

Staff members are not permitted to leave before 3:45 pm on the last day of school unless approved by the principal.