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Alert message

Staff leaving campus: All staff must notify their timekeeper if they leave campus for any personal or professional reason outside their scheduled break or lunch time during the school day. They should later notify their timekeeper again when they return to campus that day. Failure to do this could be considered leave without pay.

Classes leaving campus: Parents may call and we need to know where to find you at any time. If a class leaves campus for any outing, the teacher or TA must call the office in advance and tell them where they are going, when they will be back, and the cell phone number where they can be reached. This must be done even if your program coordinator has approved your trip. Your cell phone must be turned on and be with you at all times so we can reach you. If you do not wish to use your personal phone, you may check one out from the office. Please remember to sign it back in, as lost phones will be charged at $50 to the person who last signed out and did not return it.