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Alert message

Summer programs are short and pass quickly. Students barely know us. Missing even one day is a significant portion of the time. It is difficult to bring in subs. Please do your best to avoid missing school during the days you are assigned to work.

Sick Leave

  • Full Day: If you are sick and need to miss the day, please call the office at ext. 111 as soon as you know you will be out, but no later than one hour before your shift begins.
  • Partial Day: If you must leave during the day, please notify your program coordinator as soon as you know about it, so that arrangements can be made. Also email your timekeeper with the time you left. If you are returning, send the email when you get back, including the specific time you left and returned.

All other forms of leave should be requested in advance from the principal. Personal or annual leave will only be granted under very special circumstances. The principal will notify the timekeeper if leave is granted.