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PREP DAY: Sign in at the morning prep meeting

1ST DAY OF CLASS (Monday): Everyone signs in at the main office. Read your Student Care Summaries and sign that you read and understand them.

ALL OTHER DAYS: All staff must sign in each morning using one of the following TWO methods (Do not use Clockwise!)

  1. Go to the main office in Building 600 or 606 (where the mailboxes are for your program) and sign in on the designated form or,
  2. Go to your classroom or dorm, get on a computer, and sign in on the intranet Summer Sign-In link or use the form found here: Summer Sign In/Out. The form will date and time stamp your submission. Staff is not permitted to sign in from off-campus. Doing so will result in disciplinary action.

Failure to record time accurately may result in unpaid leave.

Punctuality is essential in the summer. Staff will receive a notice the first time they sign in more than 6 minutes late. Information about staff attendance and punctuality will be forwarded to Miles Fain at the end of the summer session.

Signing Out

The only times you are required to sign out are:

  1. You came to work but must leave before the end of the day. Please notify your program coordinator as soon as you know about it, so that arrangements can be made. Then sign out using the sign in/out link on the intranet or at the form: Summer Sign In/Out.
  2. Everybody must sign out on the last day of each program you are working. On that day, you must go to the office and sign out. Do not sign out by computer on that day!