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For students in grades 8 to 12 in the 2016-2017 school year.

A lizard and a rabbit stare at each other

June 11 - 16 or June 18 - 29

This career-education class is a wonderful exploration for students who love animals, especially if they are curious about animal-care careers.

Students will learn about a variety of animals, the care that they need, which ones are happy as pets, which ones have needs that can be met "in a cage or aquarium or terrarium," correct feeding, keeping them and their surroundings clean, and handling them gently. Students will explore techniques for enabling animals to "live as a member of the household."

In addition, students will learn about jobs available in animal care through visits to a pet store or the Humane Society, and may have opportunities to volunteer or just observe available jobs teens can have.
This class is limited to those students who demonstrate a willingness to follow instructions carefully and to behave responsibly around animals.

Applicants should not have severe allergies to hay, aspen shavings, or animals. (Allergies that can be managed by Claritin or similar means can be accommodated.)


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For information about program content, contact:
Margaret Edwards (512) 206-9476

For information about the application process, contact:
Short-Term Programs administrative team - Wendy Erickson 512-206-9332, Phoebe Williams 512-206-9241 or