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One, two or three week classes in June

Secondary Enrichment (SE) offers countless opportunities for fun and learning for middle- or high-school students with visual impairments. The topics offered vary every summer, but examples range from beginning food preparation skills to running a catering business, general physical fitness to PE for SBOE credit, art, theater arts, career education, technology, and travel in the community.

Nearly all SE classes give students opportunities to use and develop their academic and technology skills, practice Orientation and Mobility, and enhance their social, independent living, and self-determination skills, both on and off campus.

Who Can Attend:

SE classes are for middle- or high-school students with visual impairments who meet these criteria:

  • 12 years of age or older, up through the summer after their high school graduation.
  • Able to participate well in group activities, with limited one-on-one assistance.
  • Moderately to largely independent in areas such as eating, dressing, personal hygiene, communication, and mobility.
  • Have no challenging behaviors that interfere with the instruction of self or others.
  • Can complete the full length of the class to which they are admitted.
  • Secondary students who function four or more grade levels below their age expectation should apply for the Practical Experiences in Expanded Core (PEEC).


2018 Secondary Enrichment Class List 


Getting There: Mobility in the City (1 or 2 weeks)

June 10 - 15 or

June 17 – 28

Middle School Enrichment (1 or 2 weeks)

June 10 – 15 or

June 17 – 28

 On My Own (1 week) 

June 10 – 15

Taste of Independence (2 weeks)

June 17 -28




Computer Designed Embroidery (1 week)

June 10 - 15

Small Animal Care (2 weeks)

June 17 - 28

Maker Challenge (2 weeks)

June 17-28

Wildcat Catering and Bistro (3 weeks)

June 10 - 28




A Cappella (2 weeks)

June 17 - 28

Aspiring Authors (2 weeks)  

June 17 - 28

Creative Dance Workshop (1 week)

June 10 - 15 

Rock Band! (1 week)

June 10 - 15




Camp Challenge (1 week)

June 10 - 15

Individual Sports: SBOE PE for Credit (3 weeks)

June 10 - 28


For information about program content, contact:

  • Margaret Edwards 512-206-9476  or
  • Amanda Fierro 512-206-9294

For information about the application process, contact 
Short-Term Programs administrative team - Nichelle White 512-206-9332, Phoebe Williams 512-206-9241 or 

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