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TAPS (Teaching Age-Appropriate Purposeful Skills): An Orientation & Mobility Curriculum for Students with Visual Impairments (O&M Curriculum and Assessment) 4 part set (59448 TAPSP)

Price: $90.00

Product Details

For orientation and mobility specialists who serve students ages 3 to 21 who may also have other impairments. This curriculum includes goals, objectives, and teaching strategies as well as functional mobility tasks, for the following environments: home/living, campus, residential, commercial and public transportation, as well as an ambulatory devices section. The four-part set also includes an accompanying O&M evaluation, extensive appendices containing a wide range of O&M related topics, and a supplement that details street crossing strategies.

The four-part curriculum set includes:
Part 1: The Curriculum with Goals, Objectives and Teaching Strategies
Part 2: Comprehensive Initial and Ongoing Evaluation
Part 3: Appendices
Part 4: Supplement: Street Crossings for Travelers Who Are Visually Impaired

The evaluation booklet can also be purchased separately. This booklet is intended for use with an individual student throughout his or her school years.