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Independent Living - Curriculum/3 Vol. Plus Evaluations Forms Packet DISK (59421 ILP-D)

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Vol. I: Social Competence (248 pp.)
Vol. II: Self-Care and Maintenance of Personal Environment (296 pp.)
Vol. III: Play and Leisure (148 pp.)

This bestseller will help you in assessing, teaching, and evaluating students from school age to adulthood who will live independently or with minimal assistance in social, self-care, and leisure skills.

This three volume curriculum is accompanied by reproducible Assessment and Ongoing Evaluation forms. A booklet of these forms can also be purchased separately.

  • Designed for teaching in public schools, residential schools, and rehabilitation centers, it features:
    • age-appropriate skills
    • adaptations
    • professional resources
    • student resources
    • examples of competence
    • evaluation forms
    • examples for lesson planning
  • A tool for educating students to:
    • improve social competence
    • take care of themselves and maintain their personal environments
    • improve their quality of life and find fulfillment from leisure pursuits
    • apply knowledge and skills acquired from language arts, mathematics, and other academic courses as well as skills from orientation and mobility instruction and perceptual training in real life situations