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If Anyone Can, You Can by Dr. Natalie Barraga (59400 BARRP)

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This is Dr. Natalie Barraga’s story, from her beginnings in Troy, Texas to her travels across the globe. Dr. Barraga is probably best known for her writings on low vision and visual efficiency. Dr. Barraga has received over 20 national and international honors and awards, and has earned the respect of students and colleagues around the world.

She began her career in education by teaching home economics in the public schools. She also taught kindergarten for two and a half years at the New York Institute for the Blind. After returning to Texas, she taught home economics at Texas School for the Blind and accepted an appointment to the special education faculty at the University of Texas. After retiring from The UT, she has remained very active by teaching, researching, and advising at the University; by consulting nationally and internationally; and by advocating for continued improvements in services for blind children and their parents. She currently lives in Austin, Texas.