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Welcome to Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

***For orders outside the U.S. please request an order form by sending an email to bookorders@tsbvi.edu***

***MAKING EVALUATION MEANINGFUL (59443) is currently out of stock and being updated to the 2nd edition. Available for purchase in June 2019***

***Projected Availability for UEB Version of Braille FUNdamentals is June 2019***

New Items

Let's Play! Guitar Curriculum Braille Materials

Nemeth at a Glance: A Math Resource, Grade-Level Chart, and Evaluation Tool


This is a fun, practical book delineating the benefits of yoga for students with visual impairments including body awareness, spatial awareness, motor development, sensory integration, balance and coordination, energy, strength and flexibility. Yoga also available as an electronic file.

Expanded Core Curriculum

This document is a compilation of resources for both evaluation and instruction in all areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC). It is divided into sections for each of the nine areas.Each ECC section has a set of charts that includes:Evaluation Tools, Instructional Materials, and General Information. In addition to the printed copy of these resources, a flashdrive is included that will enable you to link directly to the websites (for additional details) and ordering information. ECC is also available as an electronic file.