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“Just because I can't see the stars, doesn't mean I can't reach for them” - Space Camp Alumni

New Camp dates for 2015, Sept. 19-24, 2015 !! (travel home the 25th)

Program Costs: ALL PROGRAMS $710

2015 Lighthouse Scholarship Application now available!!

SCIVIS Photos are available!

SCIVIS 2014 entire Graduation Video Huge Thanks to Vincent Vasso for recording and posting this!

Why attend Space Camp? - Kate's Story

A chance to Reach for the Stars

New SCIVIS video from AMI Sports Access Show in Canada. Filmed at 2013 SCIVIS

Article from by students who attended SCIVIS

Nic Boone, from Australia, attended SCIVIS in '99 and '00 is getting his Ph.D. in Astronomy. He is talking about his experiences at SCIVIS on YouTube.

2013 Photo Site

NASA Internships

NASA Internships, Fellowships, and Scholarships (NIFS) at Summer 2014 internships run from early June until early August for college students and from late June until early August for high school students. All student interns get paid.

WAAY TV Newscast about SCIVIS 24 Sept. 2012

SCIVIS Attendance Survey

YouTube of a Heidi Jackson singing her original song about space. She will be attending SCIVIS in the fall. The lyrics are included on the YouTube page.


"We are all here to learn with our peers. Let us celebrate our similarities and our differences. Let us respect other cultures, religions, and languages. At our beginning, many were given little chance but due to the people in our lives, we find ourselves in a wonderful place with wonderful people. Let us flourish in our learning, find joy in our experiences and remember our friends and knowledge we gained at Space Camp." -- Dan Oates


Student on the Shuttle Flight Deck entering commands into the Shuttle's computer.SCIVIS is

Students in Mission Control reading braille scripts.SCIVIS is actually 4 separate programs.