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There are a wide range of visual conditions which can result from injury or impairments with any part of the eye and the visual system (including the optic nerve and brain).  These videos include information about various eye conditions and specific interventions and assessments that may be related to them.

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CVI Study Group 2

Original webcast date: 10/28/2015
Description: CVI Study Group is meeting place for VI professionals to discuss Cortical Visual Impairment. The study group is facilitated by Sara Kitchen, VI Consultant with the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired Outreach Program. Participants will share documents and videos of their own students via google drive. Participants will discuss newly submitted materials and offer suggestions with their peers. Participants will explore suggestions with their student and share how the student has responded. Participants will explore topics and resources of interest related to CVI, as identified by the group.

CVI Study Group 2
Downloads: Transcript (txt) Audio (mp3) Handout (pdf)