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Individuals who are blind with additional disabilities frequently use communication forms such as object cues, object symbols, pictures and tactile symbols for receptive and/or expressive communication.  These can be incorporated into routines and calendar systems to enhance communication and concept development for student with visual impairments and deafblindness who are not able to use print or braille fluently.

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Tactile Symbols for Individuals who are Blind

Tactile symbols are concrete representations developed for individuals who are totally blind or function as if they were totally blind and who have a practical need for a graphic language system. 

Using Tactile Symbols to Enhance Communication

Tactile Symbols

Using Tactile Symbols to Enhance Communication

Description: David Wiley, Deafblind Consultant with Outreach Programs, shares basic information about static and dynamic forms of communication and how tactile symbols can enhance receptive and expressive communication for individuals who are blind, deafblind or have additional disabilities.

Downloads: Audio (mp3) Transcript (txt)

Tactile Symbols

Description: Carol Bittinger, Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI) discusses the use of Tactile Symbols in calendar, augmented communication, environmental awareness, Reading & Writing, Math, Science and games. Tactile Symbols give students structure and predictability by helping them to organize and document their thoughts and experiences. Click the Chapters button above to view individual segments: - Introduction - Calendar - Communication - Environmental Awareness - Reading & Writing part 1 - Reading & Writing part 2 - Mathematics - Science - Games - Concluding comments on importance of Tactile Symbols Click the Resources button for a transcript (txt) and/or audio recording (mp3).

Tactile Symbols
Downloads: Transcript (txt) Audio (mp3)