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Latest Sunset News: For Those in the Glow

By Jerry Wells, Manager of TCB Public Information

TCB had its hearing before the Sunset Advisory Commission on November 18, 1998. There were 41 individuals who provided testimony. Only four had unfavorable comments about TCB. Support for a separate agency for the blind by those testifying was strong and unanimous.

The staff report to the members of the Sunset Advisory Commission on reorganizing health and human services was mailed to the members on November 20, and was made public the following week. Sunset staff recommendations included the following:

According to Sunset staff, evaluation of the benefits of reorganization of Health and Human Services was done in each case to improve services for consumers with the goal of restructuring services to better meet the broader goals of the Legislature. The recommendations are intended to give opportunities for improved service and administrative integration and coordination.

The next step in the Sunset process was a public hearing held in mid-December where TCB found out the Sunset Commission's decision on whether or not to accept the Sunset staffs' recommendations on TCB. At that time, the general public as well as consumers and stakeholders had the opportunity to provide testimony on Health and Human Services consolidation and administrative and service delivery proposals.

For more information or a copy of the report, please contact the Sunset Advisory Commission at (512) 463-1300 or P.O. Box 13066, Austin, TX 78711. Susan Gennusa is the ADA Coordinator and John Hawkins is the Project Manager for the organization and delivery of the Health and Human Services section.

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