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from the Winter 98 issue
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Interesting Web Sites

by Sharon Nichols, Technology Specialist, TSBVI Outreach

More and more people are accessing the phenomena known as the World Wide Web, which tends to be referred to interchangeably as the Internet. Conversely, more and more businesses, individuals, organizations and universities are posting information in various forms onto the World Wide Web. This prospect can make finding specific information on the World Wide Web an enormous task. With this in mind I have compiled some interesting websites for teachers, parents and students who are visually impaired. These sites offer an incredible amount of information, fun, and links to many other sites on the World Wide Web. These sites are family oriented and mostly educational, although there are two sites dedicated to games.

http://www.viguide.com - A Parent's Guide to Resources about Visual Impairments - Don't let the name fool you, this site has a lot of information for teachers and parents alike. The main headings are: What's New, Organizations, Magazines, Bookstore, Legal, Networking, Medical, Assistive Technology, Education, and Assistive Products. This site also contains a searchable on-line encyclopedia.

http://home.earthlink.net/~deedaze/  A Day's Journey - This site was created by Debbie Day, a mother and hometeacher of special needs children. Resources include: recipes, articles on fathering, information on adoption, information on sensory integration disorder, a link to the Septo-Optic Dysplasia home page, information on Down's syndrome, a link to educational sites, and links to kids shareware. The last link on this site is called Resources for Parents and Teachers of Blind Children and should not be overlooked.

http://www.4kids.org/coolspots   Coolspots 4 Kids - This is one site which is packed with so much information and so many links that at times it can be overwhelming. By the way, this site is for kids, parents, and teachers. The resources include: newsletter (this one is for kids), Ask Amy (kids advice column), 4kids Detectives (weekly clues and solutions), Creatures (animal information and links), Arts (excellent ideas for projects, publishing site, on-line art gallery for kids 0-17, and on-line illustrated children's books), Brainsweat (virtual surgeon, bubbles, Cyber Ed Truck, Channel One, Dr. Math, eating healthy, history, and exploration), Fun and Games (Alice in "World Wide" Wonderland, athletes in snow, build your own submarine, on-line coloring, Girlsworld, and interactive games), Be a Hero (kids working to make a difference, a hero is more than a sandwich, and Recycle), Fantastic Voyages (African art, ancient ones, castles, giant squid, museums, and Explore the Heart on-line).

http://www.kididdles.com - Index of All Songs - This site contains the words to over 300 kid's songs. Some samples are All Together Now, The Animal Fair, and There's a Hole in the Bucket. This site also contains a searchable database, e-mail, and related links (musical and family oriented).

http://user.mc.net/pb357/games_html/kit.htm As you have probably guessed these sites contain games and utilities to be downloaded and played. To use them you must have an IBM compatible running DOS, or Windows 3.x. The files are in zipped format and are touted as being speech friendly, with lots of sounds.

http://www.seedlings.org - Seedlings - On-line shopping for high quality braille books for children. Categories include Preschool, Beginning Readers, Independent Readers, and Kids of all ages (braille shirts, tote bags).

http://www.tsbvi.edu - Of course, we think our website at TSBVI ranks as one of the most interesting around.

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