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Winter 2006 Table of Contents
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Sports Extravaganza 2005

By Alexie Rendon, Student, Ennis, TX

Abstract: An enthusiastic seven-year-old student from Ennis ISD shares her experiences in participating in the Sports Extravaganza 2005, held in the Dallas area.

Key Words: family, blind, visually impaired, deafblind, personal experience, recreation, sporting event

Editor's Note: Sports Extravaganza is an annual event open to any student with visual impairments across Texas. It is sponsored by Region 10 Education Service Center. To get more information about Sports Extravaganza contact Kitra Gray at <Kitra.Gray@region10.org>.

Sports Extravaganza was a weekend of fun, laughter, and play. It was this past October. You can bring your family and friends. There are many types of events you can participate in. There is running and many more events you can try. You should get in touch with Region 10 if you have trouble seeing or cannot see at all. There are many teachers there that can come to your school and help you with your work. My teacher is Sandra Greenman. The people at the Sports Extravaganza are very nice and caring. They can come to your aid if you are having problems. It will build up your strength and running, you will love it. One of the best things is making new friends. I made a new friend; her name is Anna. We met at our first event, the softball throw.

My name is Alexie. I was there. That is why I am writing this story. It was fantastic and I had lots of fun. I was running, jumping and laughing. You might be nervous and excited at the same time. I was when I was on the way to it. When we first got there, we registered and I saw Petra Hubbard. I have not seen her in a long time. She gave me a T-shirt and meal tickets for my family. We then went up in the stands. Christy spoke to us and gave us instructions. She said that the events were starting now.

My favorite event was the 25- and 50-meter run. You should try to do running; it will build up your health and you will love it. Beep ball is an event where you have a ball that beeps. If you are blind, you can hear the ball. One beep ball event is hitting the ball off of a tee. Goal ball is a ball that has a bell in it. You might have to roll it to a goal. I was blindfolded and I had to roll it fast. Or, another event they roll it to you. Sometimes the ball may be close to you or it might be further away. You get more points for the far balls. You will love all the events, I know.

You can win a medal. First place gets you a gold medal. For second and third place and they give you a silver and bronze medal. For fourth and fifth place, you will get a ribbon. After the event, they take you to the medal stand. There you sit until it is your turn to get your medal.

Fun and more fun is what I thought about it. I hope you will participate in it. Look on the Internet for more information.

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