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Winter 2006 Table of Contents
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"It's a New IDEA"

Announcement from the Advocacy, Inc. and Arc of Texas websites

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The September 2005 updated version of the Parent Manual, now called "It's a New IDEA", The Manual for Parents and Students about special Education Services in Texas, is now available online on The Arc of Texas website <www.thearcoftexas.org/Inclusion_works/ideaman.htm> and Advocacy, Inc.'s website <www.advocacyinc.org/handoutEducation.htm>. This version can be downloaded and used by anyone. However, at this point there will be no hard copies produced by a printer.

Advocacy, Inc. and The Arc of Texas know that they will have to make changes again when the final IDEA regulations are adopted (probably December 2005) and they didn't want to print manuals that would need to be changed in just a few months. They are working on a Spanish translation that will be finished once they have final regulations. At that point, they will make any changes necessitated by the final regulations and then have the updated manuals available online and in a printed format. The new version does reflect current law, which is what districts are expected to follow until different regulations are adopted.

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