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Winter 2006 Table of Contents
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Key Words: News & Views, blind, visually impaired, deafblind, CVI, Braille, webcast

CVI Perspectives Video

This video developed by APH explores cortical visual impairment (CVI) from three perspectives: medical, educational, and personal. Neonatologist Dr. Alan Lantzy presents a medical perspective on the causes of CVI. APH CVI Project Leader Dr. Christine Roman presents an educational perspective focusing on characteristics and recommended approaches. In the final segment, seven families talk about their personal experiences from the difficulty of the diagnosis to finding help and hope.

Braille Transcriber's Kit: Countries and Continents

The Braille Transcriber's Kit: Countries and Continents is a collection of embossed and printed outlines of maps commonly found in history, geography, and social studies textbooks developed by APH. The embossed sheets may be used as templates when you create tactile maps. Add to these sheets with spur wheel lines, craft ink, glued-on textures, etc. Add braille labels as needed. The printed maps may be used as masters for "swell paper" tactile graphics. Photocopy the images onto your capsule paper, add labels, lines, and symbols as needed, and produce the raised image by running the graphic through the heating machine.

APH Webcast Opportunities

A Webcast is a multimedia presentation that uses the Internet to broadcast live or delayed audio and video transmissions, much like traditional television and radio broadcasts. The Summer Book PortTM Webcast Series will Begin July 12 (previously scheduled to begin July 5th). These webcast presentations will take place once a week during the months of July and August. Each webcast will cover a different Book Port-related topic, and will run from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the number of questions each topic generates. For more information about this series go to <http://www.aph.org/advisory/webcast.html.>

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