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Winter 2005 Table of Contents
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TSBVI Summer Programs 2005: Rumor and Fact

By Lauren Newton, Director of Special Programs, TSBVI

Abstract: This article includes information on 2005 summer programs at TSBVI.

Key Words: News & Views, TSBVI, summer school, summer programs, blindness, visually impaired, deafblindness

RUMOR: There are no more TSBVI Summer Programs.

FACT: Summer Programs will be offered as usual in 2005.

TSBVI has submitted its request for funding to the legislature for the next biennium, 2005-2007. We were required to reduce our budget by 5%. This means that, beginning in 2006, we will not be able to offer summer programs. Another part of the information that was submitted to the legislature provided TSBVI with an opportunity to ask for funds beyond our "baseline" budget. Our first, and most important request, is for the legislature to restore the 5% reduction in our budget so that we can continue to provide exciting, educational summer programs for 250 or more students from throughout Texas.

For further information on this topic, please contact Phil Hatlen at (512) 206-9133, or email him at <philhatlen@tsbvi.edu>.

TSBVI Summer Programs for 2005

It's time to apply for summer programs at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. The program descriptions will be posted on our website during the winter break. Read carefully so that you select the right program for your child. If you have questions, please call the program's contact person. Deadlines are firm.

To get to the website, first go to <www.tsbvi.edu>. Under Instructional Programs/Special Programs, you will find Summer Programs. Click on that and everything should appear.

Classes being offered this summer are:

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