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Winter 2005 Table of Contents
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Announcing the Birth of Blindosity Newsletter

By Judy Moore, Division of Blind Services Children's Specialist, Tyler, TX

Abstract: an announcement of a quarterly newsletter staffed by teenagers who are blind or visually impaired.

Key Words: News & Views, newsletter, blind, visual impairment, deafblind

In announcing the birth of this new quarterly newsletter, the first issues states, "This is not any ordinary newspaper; this newspaper is for people with visual impairments. Blindositywill give us a variety of things that we would like, such as: travel, sports, and upcoming events. In the future we will have contests and opportunities for entries so you, the readers, can interact."

The staff members of this newsletter are:

Two editions have been published and have included a rich variety of articles and personal interest stories. In an article entitled "Project Dot Power," Jimmy Hill writes about his experience mentoring two young children to reinforce their skills in Braille and abacus as well as encourage their social and academic development. Fallon Garret writes about her trip to Washington, D.C. and her relatives' experience traveling on Amtrak. Krystle Hill interviews a 17-year-old student and relates his story about driving with bioptics. And Dawn Adams writes about her journey to become a Consultant for the Visually Impaired.

If you would like to receive this newsletter, you may request it by email at <blindosity@hotmail.com>. It is definitely inspiring reading.

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