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My Day at Sports Extravaganza

By Jacob Burton, Student, Plano, Texas

Editor's note: Thanks to Brenda Szymkowiak, teacher of the visually impaired with Plano ISD, for sharing this article. Jacob Burton is a 13-year-old young man attending Rice Middle School in Plano, Texas. He has low vision due to septo-optic dysplasia and reads large print and braille. He can be contacted at JB041588@aol.com

I went to Sports Extravaganza last Saturday (October 27, 2001). Sports Extravaganza is a sporting event for blind and visually impaired people. It took place in Irving, Texas, at Nimitz High School. People from the North Texas area, Colorado, and New Mexico participated in this event. Over 150 athletes were in this event.

Many events were available to the athletes, including the 100-, 200-, and 400-Meter Dashes, Shot Put, and Archery. I participated in the Running Long Jump, the 50-Meter Dash, and the Softball Throw. The Running Long Jump is where you run and jump as far as you can into a sandpit. My best jump was 2.49 meters. I won third place in my heat. There were 18 athletes in this event.

The next event I was in was the 50-Meter Dash. I almost didn't make it in time to run, but I won first place anyway.

The 50-Meter Dash is where you run 50 meters. I was competing against two girls.

The last event was the Softball Throw. The Softball Throw is where you throw a softball, and they measure the distance. Each competitor threw three times in a row. I got fourth place.

In conclusion, it was a big event. I saw lots of my friends there, and I really enjoyed myself. I also won two medals and a ribbon. I hope to do it again next year.

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