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National Braille Press Publishes The Bridge to Braille

National Braille Press is a nonprofit Braille printing and publishing house that was established in 1927. It publishes a variety of materials in and about Braille, including Braille versions of the Harry Potter books! One of its publications is The Bridge to Braille. The Bridge to Braille, written by Carol Castellano and Dawn Kosman, is a step-by-step guide that shows parents and teachers how to help blind children progress from early literacy experiences to full participation in the classroom. Written by the parent of a blind child and a teacher of the blind, this is a very easy to read book crammed full of good ideas. It is available in large print or braille for $12.95.

Chapters include:

To order this book or a catalog of other publications, contact:

National Braille Press
88 St. Stephen Street
Boston, MA 02115
Phone: (888) 965-8965
Fax: (617) 437-0456
Website: http://www.nbp.org/address.html 

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