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Winter 2001 Table of Contents
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What I Learned Last Summer

By Jim Durkel, Statewide Staff Development Coordinator, TSBVI, Outreach

Last summer, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired sponsored a technology institute. As part of that training, we had a keynote speaker by the name of Guido Corona. Guido is an employee of IBM. One of his current projects is developing software that will make surfing the Internet easier for people with sensory and motor impairments. Guido has retinitis pigmentosa and has been losing visual abilities since he was a young child.

During his talk, Guido mentioned that technology serves three main functions that in his life:

Getting this insight from Guido has helped me start thinking about the types of technology that students with visual impairments may need. It's also helped to think about desired outcomes and broad classes of technology, instead of specific devices or software. My tendency was to get into ruts and become familiar with one device that I then thought everyone should use. I would get frustrated when that piece of technology did not work for a particular student. Focusing on what I want the technology to do, then looking at all my technology options, sure seems like a better plan. Thanks for the insight, Guido!

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