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Winter 2001 Table of Contents
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TSBVI Outreach, 1100 West 45th St., Austin, TX 78756, or JimDurkel@tsbvi.edu.
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Josephine L. Taylor Leadership Institute 2001
Leadership, Data, and Partnerships to Level the Playing Field

March 16-18, 2001
Washington Marriott Hotel
Washington, DC

Carl Kupfer, M.D., recently retired Director of the National Eye Institute, will be keynote speaker for this year's event. Friday's plenary session, "Bringing Services to People" brings together experts from the fields of ophthalmology, optometry, and vision rehabilitation specialties. They will address future directions and strategies for leveling the playing field for people who are blind or visually impaired by focusing on leadership, data, and partnerships. Saturday's first panel is entitled, "Bringing People to Services." Experts will address some of the barriers that potential consumers face such as geographic and ethnic cultural factors. Saturday's second panel is entitled, "Go Figure! You Have the Data You Need." Experts will focus on how to meet your data needs for planning, administering, and evaluating services.

Registration fees (major meals included):

"Early Bird" registration - $245
(2/16 postmark deadline)

"Pre-registration" - $295
(3/8 postmark deadline)

"At-the-Door" - $325

For more information on JLTLI 2001, contact the events coordinator,

Gabriella Smith-Coventry
Phone: (212) 502-7654
E-Mail: gsmith@afb.net 
Website: www.afb.org/event 

On Sunday afternoon following JLTLI there will be a special training for parents on IDEA provided by NAPVI.

INSITE: Home-Based Model for Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers Who Are Sensory Impaired with Other Disabilities

This six-day training is for professionals who work with these children and their families. If you are interested in attending this training or bringing this training to your area, call Gigi Newton at (512) 206-9272, or e-mail her at GigiNewton@tsbvi.edu

Mt. Pleasant, Texas

Part I - June 4-6, 2001
Part II - June 27-29, 2001
Contact: Donna Clopton
(903) 572-8551

Austin, Texas

May 14-19, 2001
Contact: Gigi Newton
(512) 206-9272

Cognitive/Communication Assessment and Interventions for Children with Multiple Disabilities

April 9-11, 2001
College Station Conference Center, Room 127
1300 George Bush Drive
College Station, Texas 77840

Presenters: Charity Rowland & Philip Schweigert

Everything you've ever wanted to know about deafblind students, students with multiple impairments, and students with visual impairments emphasizing: assessment instruments, problem solving and object interaction, analyzing the communication environment, analyzing presymbolic communication, analyzing tangible symbols.

Audience: Speech Pathologists, Educational Diagnosticians, General and Speech Education Teachers, and Parents

Contact: Nodya Thornton at (936) 293-3787

E-mail: thornton@esc6.net 

Website: www.esc6.net 

Annual Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) Conference

Renaissance Hotel, Austin, Texas

April 30-May 2, 2001

This conference is for professionals and parents involved with children ages birth to 3 who have disabilities.

Contact: The Care Line (800) 250-2246

Texas Focus: Looking at Low Vision

Dallas/Ft. Worth Area
June 14-15, 2001

Texas Focus is an annual conference designed for teachers of students with visual impairments, orientation and mobility specialists, and parents. This year topics will center around issues concerning students with low vision, including the use of optical aids, increasing visual efficency, and literacy.

Contact: Jim Durkel
Phone: (512) 206-9270
E-mail: JimDurkel@tsbvi.edu 

TSBVI Technology Institute

Austin, Texas
September 21 & 22, 2001

The Technology Institute is designed to train teachers of students with visual impairments how to use various pieces of technology for the visually impaired. Topics include Braille N Speak, JAWS software, software to assist in Internet access as well as Megadots and Duxbury for braille production.


Jim Durkel (512) 206-9270,
E-mail: JimDurkel@tsbvi.edu

Sharon Nichols (512) 206-9388,
E-mail: SharonNichols@tsbvi.edu 

Deafblind Mailing List in Spanish

This list is entirely in Spanish and is for Deafblind people, families, volunteers, professionals, investigators and educators.

To subscribe to this list, send an email to


In the body of the e-mail, write:

SUBSCRIBE sordoceguera first name last name

For assistance, contact the owner at sordoceguera-request@listserv.rediris.es 

TAER (Texas Association for the Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired)
"Partners in C.R.I.M.E." (Partners in Collaborating Resources Into the Millennium for Everyone)

Corpus Christi, Texas
The Omni Bayfront Hotel

April 19, 20 and 21, 2001

This year's conference will feature Marla Runyan as one of our guest speakers. Marla is a top-ranked middle distance runner who participated in the 2000 Olympics. She has been legally blind since she was nine years old. Read more information about Marla on her web page, www.marlarunyan.com/ 

We are also excited that Jeff Moyer - author, songwriter, entertainer, and disability rights activist has agreed to do several presentations for our conference. Jeff is visually impaired, and his messages and music focus on the acceptance of differences. To find out more about this fascinating man, visit his web page, www.jeffmoyer.com/.

Contact: Pamela Broadston (806) 742-2345

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