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Winter 2000 Volume 5, No. 1

Kate's Corner

I count myself as blessed as I go about my work here in Outreach. We have so many resources to draw on in Texas to provide support and training to families of children with visual impairments and deafblindness and the professionals serving those families. I am privileged to work with extraordinary people at TSBVI and at agencies and organizations in the state and the nation. We have excellent partners to collaborate with such as the Deaf-Blind Multi-handicapped Association of Texas, the National Association for Parents of the Visually Impaired, the regional education service centers, local school districts, Texas Education Agency, and Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (formerly known as Texas Commision for the Blind) , just to name a few. Though we know there is so much more to be done for children with visual impairments in our state, we are getting there.

Recently, Carolina Martinez, one of the Orientation and Mobility Specialists here at TSBVI, went to Chile to work with the professionals and families in that country. She came back with many stories about the work being done there, which she promises to share in future editions of SEE/HEAR. In some respects, there is very little available for those children educationally, but at the same time, she was extremely impressed with what the families and professionals had been able to do. Working together parents and a few dedicated professionals literally have built programs out of nothing with some help from organizations such as Hilton/Perkins International. Parents work as teachers and aides. Classes are held in houses or where ever space can be found. Tables and chairs are built out of cardboard, and materials are scraped together where they find them. It seems unfair that we should have so much when they have so little. However, in this country only thirty or forty years ago, we were in about that same place. They will get there, too, I think. In this new millennium, let's all resolve to be busy creating a better world for all children with visual impairments and deafblindness.

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