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New AFB Blind and Visually Impaired Employees Recruitment Brochure

Excerpts from the AFB Website <www.afb.org

AFB staff have designed and produced a brochure and companion pocket folder with six inserts on recruiting blind and visually impaired employees. A complementary copy of both is available upon request, or multiple copies may be purchased at cost. The brochure is intended as a "tickler", while the information folder provides more substantive information specific to how employers and human resource personnel can make the job application and interviewing processes accessible to applicants with visual impairments, information about how blind and visually impaired workers perform their jobs, and details concerning what tax incentives and resources are available to businesses that hire people with disabilities.

These materials are ideal for rehabilitation professionals (rehabilitation counselors and teachers or job developers) to use in meetings with prospective employers and human resources department officers, or as handouts at seminars, conferences, and job fairs. Both pieces can be personalized with contact names and agency information.

For further information, please contact Karen Wolffe, AFB, (512) 707-0525; e-mail: wolffe@afb.net. To request a free copy of these materials, or for bulk-order pricing, contact AFB's Information Center, (800) 232-5463; e-mail: afbinfo@afb.net, or visit AFB's web site, <www.afb.org>. 

AFB has many other fine publications. There are two new items you should check out. The first is Essential Elements in Early Intervention: Visual Impairments and Multiple Disabilities by Deborah Chen, Ph.D. This book contains explanations of functional and clinical vision and hearing assessments, descriptions of evaluative and educational techniques, and suggestions for working with families and professionals teams. The second publication, AccessWorld: Technology for Consumers with Visual Impairments, is a comprehensive resource of the latest information on adaptive technology and visual impairments.

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